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October 21, 2020

Jane’s Devotionals




"Who is this that obscures my plans with words without knowledge?” Job 38:2


     I discovered early on there was more to having a service dog than bonding. The next three days of training were as hard as any workshop or doctoral class I had ever experienced.

     Marlys started our training by explaining the laws about the American with Disabilities Act as they pertained to service dogs. I made the mistake of thinking this would be review for me since I taught college classes on the ADA. However, it was important that I learn exactly what the law entailed about taking Sita into public places such as restaurants, stores, and on public transportation. Churches and private clubs were the only places that legally could bar Sita from entry.

     Little did I know I was going to use this knowledge sooner than I had anticipated.  Just two days after Marly’s ADA class, I readied Sita and me to check out of the hotel. I packed to go home and loaded up my car. Since I was not used to having a dog, I accidentally left her service dog vest in the room.

     The door to my room was locked when I returned. I saw a hotel employee and asked him to please unlock the door. He did not speak much English and kept repeating, “No dog. No dog.”

     Patiently I told him several times that we had been there for four evenings, Sita was a service dog, and I needed her vest.

     He kept insisting he could not let me back in the room. To my surprise, Sita got in front of me and began to emit a soft bark. She is not allowed to bark under any circumstance, but she knew it was her job to protect me.

     I think he finally let me in because of Sita. She was not threatening in any way or moving towards him but she was making sure he did not get any closer to me.

     I grabbed the vest and left. Just as I entered the hall, a woman who must have been his supervisor appeared. She scowled at us. I looked at her triumphantly with Sita's vest verifying she was my service dog.

     I stated, “This is a service dog. We are allowed here. We have both been staying here for the last four evenings.” Her dirty look bored into my back as I walked down the hall with Sita at my side. I realized that Sita was going to bring new complications into my life, but she would always be there for me. I knew that God walked with us that day, and that if God is with us, who could be against us?


“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11


Dear God,

Thank you for the wisdom of the ADA laws that protect the rights of persons with disabilities. Amen


This Week….

Church Worship Services this Sunday: 
This Sunday’s Service is at approximately 10 am, online at


Please go to our Facebook page (if you have not yet seen it, just search for Congregational United Church of Christ) at 10 on Sunday mornings to look for our service to appear at 10 am, or soon after, once we can get underway. 

Please join us!

Our Pastor: Dennis Coy

We will also enjoy the talents of Our Fabulous Music Director: Kathryn Payne

AND…. One of our Stellar Lay Readers, being brought back now with safety and care,

** Carol Youngblood **

Thank you to all who have volunteered to participate!

Our upcoming lay reader schedule is now set as follows.  Please notify us if there are issues with your requested assistance here.

If you would like to volunteer, please contact the church office by phone or email.  THANK YOU!!




Date / Lay Reader


25 Carol Youngblood


1 Dar Garber

8 Kent Rothermel

15 Carolyn Buck

22 Gary Sacco

29 Bob Winther


6 Pam Manella

13 Jane Biehl

20 Larry Manella

24 Chad Korach

27 Kathy Frederick


Worship and Faith

Sunday, October 25, 2020
Twenty-first Sunday after Pentecost Year A
Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time (Proper 25)
Reformation Sunday
Focus Theme:
A Prophetic Vision's Power
Focus Prayer:
Almighty God, your Son has shown us how to love one another. May our love for you overflow into joyous service and be a healing witness to our neighbors through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
Focus Reading:
Deuteronomy 34:1-12
Then Moses went up from the plains of Moab to Mount Nebo, to the top of Pisgah, which is opposite Jericho, and the Lord showed him the whole land: Gilead as far as Dan, all Naphtali, the land of Ephraim and Manasseh, all the land of Judah as far as the Western Sea, the Negeb, and the Plain--that is, the valley of Jericho, the city of palm trees--as far as Zoar. The Lord said to him, "This is the land of which I swore to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, saying, 'I will give it to your descendants'; I have let you see it with your eyes, but you shall not cross over there." Then Moses, the servant of the Lord, died there in the land of Moab, at the Lord's command. He was buried in a valley in the land of Moab, opposite Beth-peor, but no one knows his burial place to this day. Moses was one hundred and twenty years old when he died; his sight was unimpaired and his vigor had not abated. The Israelites wept for Moses in the plains of Moab for thirty days; then the period of mourning for Moses was ended.
Joshua son of Nun was full of the spirit of wisdom, because Moses had laid his hands on him; and the Israelites obeyed him, doing as the Lord had commanded Moses.
Never since has there arisen a prophet in Israel like Moses, whom the Lord knew face to face. He was unequalled for all the signs and wonders that the Lord sent him to perform in the land of Egypt, against Pharaoh and all his servants and his entire land, and for all the mighty deeds and all the terrifying displays of power that Moses performed in the sight of all Israel.
by Kate Matthews
Forty years of wandering, and now, here, on the mountaintop, a vision. The text says that Moses was 120 years old, but his sight was unimpaired. I think that means not just his eyesight, as he gazed on the Promised Land: I think it also meant that Moses could see things as they are, that Moses knew that it mattered less whether he actually, physically entered a geographical place that people of faith have called "The Promised Land." Moses, I suspect, knew that, when he was an infant in a basket, floating in the reeds, or a prince in the palace, or a lonely prophet on a mountaintop, or a frustrated, wandering leader in the desert--in all those times, he knew that the place where he lived, his true "dwelling place," was God.
More than his mighty deeds and terrifying works of power, it is the assurance that Moses had of God as his dwelling place that moves us today and touches us "where we live." From everlasting to everlasting, God is our dwelling place. That means that it is God who holds us, now and forever, no matter who we are, solitary individual or community of faith. Experiencing ourselves as held by God means gathering--God willing, one day soon in person again--as people of faith who recognize God as the source of our existence, as the One who sustains and satisfies us. We are a people who recognize that our dwelling place, our true home, is in the heart of God. Not only does the Promised Land belong to God, but the whole universe and all that is within it. It is there, in God, that we all find our meaning, and our home. Fear not. We are held by God, in love.
The Rev. Kathryn Matthews (matthewsk@ucc.org) retired in 2016 after serving as the dean of Amistad Chapel at the national offices of the United Church of Christ in Cleveland, Ohio (https://www.facebook.com/AmistadChapel). You're invited to share your reflections on this text in the comments below this post on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SermonSeeds.
Weekly Seeds is a service of Local Church Ministries of the United Church of Christ. Bible texts are from the New Revised Standard Version, © 1989 Division of Christian Education of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America. Used by permission. All rights reserved. Prayer: Reproduced from Revised Common Lectionary Prayers © 2002 Consultation of Common Texts. Used by permission.
For further reflection:
Mary Oliver, Upstream, 21st century
"'Prayer is the contemplation of the facts of life from the highest point of view,' [Emerson] says, and suddenly that elite mystical practice seems clearer than ever before, and possible to each of us."
Job 12:7-10
"Ask the animals, and they will teach you...in God's hand is the life of every living thing."
Thomas Merton, 20th century
"I will no longer wound myself with the thoughts and questions that have surrounded me like thorns: that is a penance You do not ask of me."
Soren Kierkegaard, 19th century
"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards."


Our Calendar:


Thursday Evenings at CUCC –Join us Thursdays at 6 pm!

October 22, Trivia Night, hosted by Pastor Dennis

October 29, No planned event

  These get-togethers will be continued until the end of October when earlier sunset will not allow this schedule. 

For these occasions, we invite all to come and bring chairs or blankets or sit in the pavilion or yard.  We will be using socially distant restraint and face coverings or masks are required.

Vespers Service: CUCC Invites ALL to a traditional, outdoor Vespers service. This will be another beautiful sunset worship experience filled with prayer, uplifting messages, and music, that we hope will enhance your spiritual experience and bring peace through fellowship.  We plan, weather permitting, to hold a Vespers service Wednesday evening, October 28, at 6 pm outside the CUCC from our Pavilion.  Please join us then for a spiritual event to allow our community to worship together in a way that will be reverent to all by requiring masks and congregating using social distancing.  Please bring a chair to place on our lawn or be in the pavilion as space allows.  Speakers and a microphone will be used to ensure that all can hear.  If the weather does not permit our gathering a notification will be sent out on that Wednesday by noon.  We hope to see you there.



All Saint’s Day, November 1 at 10 am we will hold an IN-PERSON OUTDOOR SUNDAY SERVICE, weather, and pandemic concerns permitting.  The Wednesday prior, October 28, we will finalize these plans in our next ENews as well as a separate email announcement. 


Fall Cleanup:  After the service on  November 1 ends, we will break for lunch for which all are invited to relax in chairs that you bring or in our pavilion socially distanced.  It is a bring your own (BYO) bagged lunch with no planned shared foods due to the pandemic, after which we can all pitch in for a short church grounds cleanup effort.  The attention of our crew will be focused on leaf cleanup, and so please bring any work gloves or leaf blowers, or rakes that you can use.  We hope that you can join us! 


Planned Resumption of in-person services: To Be Determined:  We will keep you informed.


The Tuesday Morning Study Group:  This group will not meet at the church for the time being.


America Recycles Event: Our faith points us to protect our environment, and one of the possible ways that we can take action is to recycle.  At the CUCC, we have taken on a pledge to assist our community in recycling paper products in our recycling bin.  The bin accepts many paper products, all shown in the list below, and we heartily encourage your participation!  Create a habit to collect your paper products by beginning to shop with paper bags instead of plastic when possible, and once the task of bringing home your purchases, you can then fill those paper bags with your household paper.  This creates a handy package for you to drop off in our recycling bin!   As an extra incentive, the recycling company will reward us with an extra monetary cashback reward for our church home if we can collect more than the usual goal between Nov. 3-9.  The cash reward is certainly not why we wish to encourage this practice, however, as our main goal is of course to take care of this planet and its resources for our good and for the good of the future.  Therefore, for the upcoming pick up as well as going forward, please plan to bring by any in the following list for recycling and also consider how you might find ways to encourage recycling among your friends and family.


We Recycle




Office and School Paper

Flattened Cardboard

ü Catalogs

Brown Paper Bags


Hard and Soft Bound Books


Birthday & Anniversary Alerts!


It’s Hannah’s birthday on October 23rd!

It’s Jane’s birthday on October 24th!

It’s John Fair’s birthday on October 26th!


Mission and Faith


Middlebranch School Eagle Backpack Foods

Through the school year, we collect nutritious afterschool and weekend foods and snacks for Middlebranch students who wouldn’t otherwise have something to keep them going.  Please bring any donations you wish to offer these children to the CUCC for us to bring to Middlebranch for distribution to kids in need.  If you are shopping for groceries, you could grab a few of the items on the list below or, if you are not visiting stores at this time, please consider the idea to send a donation to the church and we will get the supplies bought for you.

Please merely designate on/with your donation its intention. Alternatively, at the CUCC webpage, you can donate online.  Just visit https://www.cucccanton.org/online-giving-offering .  We’ve always done such a great job and this year with people out of work because of the Covid-19 virus, we are sure that healthy, nourishing foods are truly needed!!  

 Eagle Back Pack Needs


Macaroni and Cheese


Cans of soup (prefer pull tabs)

Individual Fruit/Applesauce cups

Fruit snacks


Individual Oatmeal Packets


Any Lunchtime Snacks

Individual Cracker Packets

Granola Bars of All Kinds

Nutrigrain Fruit Bars (or generic)

Jars of Peanut Butter and Jelly

 We also accept hygiene items

Bars of Bath Soap



As always Missions thanks you for all you do!


Greg has generously offered to assist with bringing in your donations M-F 8-4 at the church.  If the church is not open, please feel free to place your donation in the labeled brown bin just outside the entrance.


Free Store in the Canton area: Crossroads in Canton is planning to create, in conjunction with several other churches, a Free Store.  We have the opportunity to support this mission!  The store will be located in downtown Canton, or a surrounding neighborhood, where individuals most in need can come and shop for free.  For more information on what a free store is, please contact the church office. 

This will be an ongoing process so there will be many opportunities to help in different ways:

  • Donate items (we are gathering clothing for this cause.  They ask for clothing for all ages with only these caveats:

    • No used swimsuits or underwear.  Only new swimsuits and underwear are acceptable if they have tags or are in packages. Used bras and socks are acceptable as long as they are like new and not stained.

  • Assist with setting up store – painting, putting shelves together and creating attractive displays of items

  • Assist with sorting, tagging, and getting items ready for display

  • Donating café items or serving customers in café

  • Volunteering to help in the store

  • For more information about volunteering, please contact Renee at 330-705-2722 (call/text); ts@neo.rr.com

  • Or, Irene at 330-495-4559 (call/text); irenemotts@aol.com


Caring for Our Church:  Planting, weeding, and general maintenance of our grounds could be accomplished on a scheduled basis to allow needed distancing, if you desire, just call the church CUCC church office at 330-499-6471 or email us at cuccofnc@gmail.com.  A system is posted on the bulletin board for your use; it shows what regular tasks are not yet accomplished.  When a task is completed, please just indicate the date it was done.  If you wish to assist and need access, please call the church office.  Thank You!


Calvary Mission: We collect monetary donations through our online giving website at https://www.cucccanton.org/online-giving-offering  There, donations can be made to the Canton Calvary Mission. 



The Canton Sunday Picnic has been ongoing, and we have determined a safer way to allow our resumption of this mission!  We will look to begin donating prepared batches of soups and stews, which can be created in our church kitchen by households and/or groups of people who agree that they are able to work safely in person with each other.   The soup would then be transported by a volunteer of the CUCC to New Vision and would then be served for us, NOT by us.  What is needed - volunteers willing to assist in any of these tasks:

1. To select a soup or stew for 50 either from your own healthy recipes or by using our new Soup and Stew binder, available in the church entryway.

2. Shop for the needed ingredients using preferably a cost-efficient method such as Gordon Food Service (also known as GFS who has our church name in their system)  at which we can obtain a better price.

3. Prepare the soup and have it warm and available at the church on Sunday morning (on the last Sunday of the month only)

4. Transport it to New Vision at noon

The Korachs will sponsor and volunteer for all 4 aspects of this mission for the last Sunday of October in order to "iron out" the details.


CUCC Assistance Fund – This fund is available for church members, friends, and also the family of these.  Please approach our Pastor, Dennis Coy, Treasurer (Larry), or Council Moderator (Gary) with concerns that you may have about paying upcoming bills or obtaining needed food or other resources to find out more.  Any discussion with these three will be held in strict confidence.  Please also consider future donations to this fund, designed to help out those in our direct community of the CUCC family.


Lori’s Prayer Station

Prayer of Praise

(inspired by Psalm 1)





You, loving God, are the ground of our being and the river of life;

you both steady our roots and draw them to seek the living waters.


You are like the sunlight enticing us taller

and like the breeze rustling our leaves.

You are with us through hard seasons of summer heat,

and in the nights when winter’s frost ice the landscape

your love warms and sustains us.

You are everything to us.

O let our gratitude be great,

let our praise be plentiful,

let our worship be wonder-full!

Through Christ Jesus your ever-living Son. Amen!


— written by Bruce Prewer, and posted on Bruce Prewer’s Homepage. http://www.bruceprewer.com/

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