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E-News for the week of

April 1, 2020

This Week….

Church Worship Services this Sunday: 
This Sunday’s Service is at approximately (😊) 10 am, online at


Please go to Facebook at 10 on Sunday mornings to look for our service to appear soon after, once we can get underway.  We hope that you understand that the production of this service is a work in progress, instituted and set up by a skeleton crew, and that you can have patience with any bumps or timing issues along the way.  We do want to be there for all and want it to be as smooth and positive as possible, but also ask for your patience.

By Our Pastor acting also as Lay Reader: Dennis Coy

And our Lovely Music Director: Kathryn Payne


Our Calendar:


Weekly Sunday Online Facebook Services: Every Sunday at approximately (😊) 10 am.  In order to view the service, please go to facebook.com, search for Congregational United Church of Christ, and click videos.  The services will be broadcast live on Sunday (they should pop up whenever the broadcast begins), and then available thereafter for you.

Maundy Thursday Zoom Service: Thursday, April 9 is Maundy Thursday, which is the Thursday before Easter, observed in the Christian Church as a commemoration of the Last Supper.  We currently plan to observe this day by holding a Zoom meeting on April 9, at 7 pm.  Please look for an invitation to be sent to all on our ENews list to join the virtual service.  In the email, there will be a link below “Join the meeting” and if you click on this link you can participate.  You could turn on the video option if you like, or not if you wish not to, but please do mute the sound during the service to allow a peaceful proceeding of the event conducted by Pastor Dennis.  Please look out for confirmation of this plan by Monday, April 6.  We hope that you can join us.

Planned Resumption of in-person services: To Be Determined.  We will keep you informed as the community concerns develop.

Fold-In for Lent: Lenten Sundays after service.  Initially, we were holding Fold-In events here at the church, however in our current climate, we are instead suggesting a tutorial video online https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KfnyopxdJXQ You can use any square paper of any size, although thinner paper folds easiest.  We fold for peace and healing through the art of origami for Lent to then offer these cranes to Tsuru for Solidarity for their upcoming marches in Washington DC.  “Tsuru for Solidarity is a nonviolent, direct action project of Japanese American social justice advocates working to end detention sites and support front-line immigrant and refugee communities that are being targeted by racist, inhumane immigration policies.” https://tsuruforsolidarity.org/  The week of April 5, we will plan to string the cranes remotely into 4-foot lengths, which will allow peaceful demonstrators to carry them easily during protest.

We will need to find several long needles for the stringing.  If you already have some, please let Elizabeth know.  Please also contact Elizabeth or the church office if you wish to help in stringing cranes.  A set of cranes and supplies needed would be delivered to you and instructions are available online.

Spring Cleanup: To Be Determined.  We will reschedule a church group effort to clean the CUCC once the current concerns of coronavirus clear to the point where church council recommends in-person functions.  The building is currently closed.  If any solitary work outside the church is possible, that would be considered a fine idea.  Yours truly will bring by some lilies dug up from my yard later in the week for planting around the sign in the front yard, for example.  To coordinate any efforts (in usefulness and in safety), please call Elizabeth at 330-499-6471.

The Tuesday Morning Study Group.  This group will not meet at the church for the time being.

Lay Reader and Usher Schedule.  For the time being, the church services will be conducted by our Pastor and Music Director only.  Once in-person services resume, Lay Reader and Usher assignments will again be offered. Thank you all for your willingness to participate!

Upcoming Alter Flowers

April 5 Palms for Palm Sunday

April 12 Easter Flowers


Mission and Faith


Note:  New opportunities to help in our community follow.


The Buddy System – Here at the CUCC, we care so much for each other, and each an everyone’s well-being.  We would like to institute a calling/writing system to allow each house/individual in the church directory to be assigned a group for the duration of 2 weeks which would then be rotated in the ENews, should additional time away from church be needed.  The goal would be for each listed to make an effort to reach out to the others on your team by phone, email, or letter to ensure all is going ok, and that the CUCC be notified of any needs or prayer requests.  Please notify the church if you would like to be removed from this rotating list, or if you are aware of inaccurate contact information.  Team selection was accomplished by the very scientific listing of the colors of the rainbow, and then looking through the directory assigning names sequentially while sequentially going through the team colors.  Of course, upon the need to rotate, a fair and fun method to shuffle will be employed again.  Please see the groupings below.


Purple Team

Dennis C.330-936-9086

Connie B. 330-499-2086

Creola E. 330-904-1978

Sandy G.330-904-1491

Jonathan J.Jjones49@kent.edu

Gary S. 330-956-1199

Linda R. (Kryton, Kaylor, Kytt) 330-904-8346


Blue Team

Elizabeth K. 631-704-9036

Bonnie B. 330-494-2063

Lori and John F. 330-454-6932

Justin H. 330-904-5070

JoAnn L. 330-493-9166

Bobbi M. 330-705-8367

MaryLou S. 330-490-2336

Constance W. 330-284-0890


Green Team

Kathryn P. 312-545-4134

Greg M. 330-312-3420

Kathy F. 330-966-0899

Shaye G. 330-936-5401

Monica and Sean H. 330-497-5991

Susan L. 330-309-0922

Pat N. 330-492-5914

Sue I. 330-495-2226


Yellow Team

Terry A. 330-823-1086

Randy and Shannan D. 330-575-0514

Dar G. 330-936-3066

Susan H. 330-361-9464

Larry and Pam M. 330-680-4059

Katie N. 330-455-0236

Michale V. 330-705-0520

Carol Y. cleidtke@gmail.com


Orange Team

Bill B. and Jerry W. 330-488-2276

Vera D. 330-491-7093

Beth G. 330-494-1775

Terrie H. and Lisa G. we5veggies@att.net

Cathy M. 330-454-8582

Connie P. 720-548-0030

Todd and Lori W. 330-704-9166

Chad K. 631-721-7551


Red Team

Jane & Sita 330-904-8655

Lucy and Dave D. 330-529-4351

Kip G. 330-265-5992

Dan I. 330-310-1008

Denny M. 330-877-1388

Kent R. (Kryton, Kaylor, and Kytt) 330-936-6903

Bob W. 330-284-3056


Caring For Our Church: We will need to postpone church maintenance tasks for the time being.  The church building is closed at this time.  For exterior work, please call Elizabeth to coordinate your presence and task for the utmost safety.

Canton Sunday Picnic / Eagle Backpacks Update – Our church council will resume collections very soon upon decisions at our next meeting.  We collected a generous amount that was donated to the organization New Vision that coordinates the Canton Sunday Picnic.  Bob and Constance also created 163 sandwiches for the picnic guests!  Thank you to the Winthers!  Thank you, New Vision!  Also, note that we will collect monetary donations through our online giving website at https://www.cucccanton.org/online-giving-offering  Those donations will be given directly to Canton Cavalry Mission who is equipped and licensed to provide this service and can purchase far more food for pennies on the dollar from the Akron Food Bank than we are able to purchase and donate.  Thank you all so much for your past and future support for the food insecure in our area.

CUCC Assistance Fund – This fund is available for church members, friends, and also a family of these.  Please approach our Pastor, Treasurer, or Council Moderator with concerns that you may have about paying upcoming bills or obtaining needed food or other resources to find out more.  Any discussion with these three will be held in strict confidence.  Please also consider future donations to this fund, designed to help out those in our direct community of the CUCC family.


Good News

The Canton Repository offered an article yesterday, called “Coronavirus: Stark County ‘Sewing angels’ making protective masks”.  What a fantastic opportunity created and taken up by local big-hearted folks!  The first part of the article and the conclusion are copied and pasted below, but please look for the full article online or in print from The Canton Repository.

“A North Canton woman, who’s a retired nurse, has a compromised immune system and is self-quarantined. So she got to work sewing protect masks for health care workers. Now she has a team of volunteers fighting the coronavirus.


A retired nurse with a sewing machine and plenty of time on her hands due to coronavirus self-quarantine, Angela Marie Perkins of North Canton has put together a remarkable volunteer project.


Recognizing the crucial need for protective face masks, Perkins has mobilized 15 Stark County women she calls “sewing angels” into making three-layer, washable, 100-percent cotton masks for donation to area hospitals and other care facilities.

For information on volunteering to make masks, obtaining masks and donating 100-percent cotton fabric and elastic for masks, visit StarkCares.com or send an email to StarkCaresNetwork@gmail.com.”




And from the volunteer organization named Hands On Northeast Ohio: