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Our Mission Work

Here at Congregational UCC, we are actively engaged in making our communities a better place.  Our members and friends are vigilant about identifying the needs of the community and responding with love, compassion, and grace - and often some good old fashioned elbow grease.  

Canton Sunday Picnic - The fourth Sunday of each month finds many of our congregation headed downtown to provide food and fellowship with our neighbors who are in present need. Starting at 1 pm at Crossroads United Methodist Church on the corner of W. Tusc and Cleveland Ave.,  we join others in setting up tables and serving a much-needed meal to so many, including families with children. This Thanksgiving and Christmas, we will be working hard to provide a special meal, as well as warm hats, gloves, and scarves, as well as coats and personal care kits.  Call 330-499-6471 to volunteer or donate!  Our secretary will help with any questions or ideas. 

Middlebranch Elementary School Missions:

Middlebranch Elementary School serves 517 students in grades Kindergarten-4 and we have had a strong and healthy relationship with this school for approximately 5 years.

       ·Eagle Back Packs for Middlebranch Elementary - We collect food items to go into backpacks for the students of Middlebranch school who do not have nutritious food available at home, to take home on the weekend.  Our effort has provided students at the end of their month healthy snacks to tide them over to the next month. 

       ·School Supplies Drive - We collect back to school supplies for Middlebranch School students in need every August.  This year we supplied backpacks, notebooks, paper, folders and more.

       ·Warmth – When the weather turns cold, we begin collecting gloves, hats, scarves, and socks for Middlebranch to offer to children who arrive at school cold and in need.


Toilet Paper Collection - We as a congregation have committed to providing toilet paper to the "Just in Time" Food Pantry, a part of Grace UCC, whose mission is: To feed the hungry in body and in spirit with God’s love and grace through Christ Jesus.


Circle Tail, Inc. -Circle Tail's mission is to provide service and hearing dogs for people with disabilities at no cost to the individual.  For the Circle Tail cause, the CUCC collects old towels, rags, paper towels, cleaning supplies that are needed at the center. 

Cross-eyed Missions - We collect old eyeglasses and cases for the Cross-Eyed Mission, who use their “expertise in eye-care to bring better vision to individuals of the world who do not have the right eye-care.”  They serve communities in Honduras, Bolivia and Guatemala.

Ronald McDonald House - We collect tabs from pop, soup, fruit and vegetable cans for the Ronald McDonald House, an American independent nonprofit organization whose stated mission is to create, find, and support programs that directly improve the health and well-being of children.

As a congregation we also support the United Church of Christ National Ministries:

Our Church's Wider Missions

One Great Hour of Sharing

Strengthen the Church

Neighbors In Need

The Christmas Fund