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Good Vibes!

There's always a reason to celebrate the positive, and at the CUCC, we want all to enjoy life as much as humanly possible! 

To that end, we will feature here content intedid to provide positive news.

Feel Pride in your involvement with the United Church of Christ

'Small church with a big heart' embodies love of neighbor in Chicago's Humboldt Park

March 16, 2020
Written by Connie Larkman

A small United Church of Christ church in the heart of Chicago's Humboldt Park is built around love of – and service to – its neighbors. Iglesia Unida de Cristo San Lucas/San Lucas United Church of Christ was founded in 1976 by the Rev. Jorge L. Morales, who later became Conference Minister of the UCC's Illinois Conference. The church took the name of the evangelist, St. Luke, because he cared for the needy and poor in a struggle for justice.  More:

We all have a story. We are all a part of God’s story. What’s your story?

3 Great Loves is our denomination-wide story telling initiative. In the coming years, the United Church of Christ will collect and lift up the stories of our local churches and affiliates. Stories about how we are living out God’s love and expressing love of neighbor, children and creation, our 3 Great Loves. From knitting clubs making hats for newborns; collecting food for food pantries; standing together against a social injustice; no story is too insignificant to share.

The hope of this initiative is to tell, and share the story, of how individuals, churches and organizations of the UCC are impacting and transforming the world as covenantal partners united in our common purpose, vision and mission. Work that lives out the love of God and leads to creating a just world for all.


There are 3 ways to share your story:

  • Click the Tell Us Your Story tab above

  • Share your story on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using #3greatloves in your posts

  • Send your story to us: 3 Great Loves, United Church of Christ, 700 Prospect Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44115



Rev. Dave Sigmund
3 Great Loves Ambassador

Environmental Ministries

1.    Did you know that UCC ministers coined the phrase “environmental racism” and played a leading role in giving birth to the environmental justice movement in the 1980s?

During a six week campaign of civil disobedience in 1982, a movement was born that made national headlines and introduced the world to the issue of environmental racism. Learn more about this inspiring movement in which the UCC became the driving organizational force.

2.    Did you know that the UCC has formed a special partnership with a leading climate organization called, so that church green teams are now becoming 350 affiliates?

Members of the United Church of Christ have often worked with in the pursuit of justice and shared goals. This informal, longstanding relationship is now being deepened through a pilot endeavor that encourages and invites UCC green teams to affiliate with 350. Read about this exciting undertaking.

3.    Did you know that in places like Flint and Standing Rock the UCC has been actively involved in standing alongside those struggling for justice?

Solidarity is one form that love takes in the ministry of environmental justice. The goal is to find ways that local churches and members can actively support others who are facing environmental injustices. Read more about this important part of our work together.

4.    Did you know that the UCC is building a powerful environmental network that stays connected through a blog and e-newsletter called The Pollinator?

The Pollinator is a digital platform of the UCC for the sharing of ideas and inspiration, so that we might become more fruitful in the pursuit of environmental justice. Its focus is the building of a faith-filled and faith-rooted movement for the care of creation. Read the Pollinator blog and sign-up for its newsletter.

5.    Did you know that UCC churches are deepening and expanding their commitment to the environment by becoming Creation Justice Churches?

Whether it is taking on climate change or addressing the lead poisoning of children, environmental justice ministries could not have a higher purpose or calling than they do now. Join the movement and become a Creation Justice Church. Learn about the six steps for doing just that.

Positive CUCC Accolades

Comments from the weekend of March 15, 2020

Really enjoyed this uplifting service. Thanks to all of you who made it possible. Katherine was amazing. It was so great to hear you sing. And the sermon was totally on point. Thank you, Dennis. And Kent for his behind the scene technologies to make it possible. Much love!  - Shaye

Thank you to all who made the video of service possible!  It meant a lot to me and others!  - Pat N. 

Sharing God's message during trying times. Truly a message for everyone. Bless you all for getting the word out. Love you Dennis. Too all stay healthy. The good Lord Blesses all. - Craig C.

Thank you for your wonderful service. - Carolyn B.

Thank you, everyone 🤗 - Beth G.

The church service was great.  I tried to imagine that  I  was sitting in the sanctuary.   Thank you for making it possible to be together in spirit.  - Connie B.

I enjoyed getting to watch it live, participate in my pajamas and singing along with the music! 😍 - Carol Y.  (we wish we could have heard your beautiful voice, Carol, but will look forward to doing so upon resumption of in-person services!)

The CUCC is a very accepting and thought-provoking church that I like very much. - Dan I.

🥰 -  Constance W.

Beautiful !!! - Ellen B.

Blessings to the people of CUCC!  - Tracy G.

Missing you! - Pam M.

Positivity Links


Activities made available:

  • Virtual Tours of World Heritage Sites:

  • Color the world's art collections!​


A teacher of 6-8 grade students whose performance was canceled posted the following.

ALLI RAE on Twitter: "@LauraBenanti I teach 6-8 grade theatre & my kids were supposed to open Anything Goes tonight. So glad I videoed this #SunshineSongs  is a great site where you can read articles on positive things, or...

Another site with such collections of shorter articles is by Reader's Digest.

80+ Good News Stories From Around the World That Will Brighten Your Day

We hope that you let the CUCC know of suggestions for other sources of "good vibes"!  Call 330-499-6471 or email

Reminder!  When you do interact with others, please do so with courtesy and respect, because many are struggling and having so much difficulty, such as people who have lost jobs, those who still work in public and are now serving an ever-increasingly upset group of customers (health care workers, pharmacies, and grocery store employees, for example), or might be someone that could use your support either emotionally (through a smile, perhaps) or to fulfill tasks, such as the woman featured in an article "Woman Starts Doing Grocery Runs for Older Neighbors to Reduce Their Exposure to the Coronavirus"  Let's keep an eye out for all that we can do for each other, because as our wonderful Pat N. has said, "that's the best way to get through rough times - to help one another."

In that light, be sure to check out our Missions page to see what opportunities to help the community that the CUCC offers!

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