The CUCC is taking up the challenge encouraged by the UCC!  We accept this challenge and are offering our church friends information that we will work to ensure will answer all of your questions!  If the below links and descriptions are not what you need, please do call the church office (330-499-6471) and request contact information to speak with a knowledgeable church member.  

Information is Power!

To see how the UCC encourages your civic involvement and to learn about issues

​Actions that the UCC Our Vote Our Voice recommends are:

  1. Check your voter registration 

  2. Determine how you’re going to vote.

    1. Does your state provide absentee ballots or early voting? 

      1. Click here to learn important deadlines for absentee ballots, and for early voting dates. 

    2. Voting in person? Come up with your own safety plan with a mask, sanitizer, gloves, and other protection. 

      1. Double-check your polling location

  3. Be prepared to protect the election! 

    1. Save the Election Protection Hotline number in your phone or write it down if you encounter any problems when you are voting. 

      1. 866-OUR-VOTE ((866-687-8683)

      2. State by State Election Protection Contacts: https://866ourvote.org/state/

  4. Get others involved! Share why voting is important to you and ask those in your life to make your own voting plan. 

To Find

  • Personalized Voting Information

  • See What's On Your Ballot

  • Check Your Voter Registration

  • Find Your Polling Place

  • Discover Upcoming Debates In Your Area

  • And Much More!